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In colleges, the library occupies a prominent position and it is an important and integral part of the teaching programme. It is not merely a depository of books, but an active workshop instrument in the production of or original thinking. The aim of college education and college libraries in inter-related. College library extends opportunities for self-education to the deserving and enthusiastic students without any distinction. These libraries develop in each student a sense of responsibility in the pursuit of knowledge. College library stimulates the students to obtain, evaluate and recognize knowledge and to familiarize themselves with the trends of knowledge for further education and learning new disciplines

The library plays an important role in the present education system. A well-equipped and well-managed library is the foundation of modern educational structure. It is the responsibility of the library to collect, preserve, organize and disseminate all kinds of reading materials for the purpose of profound use by the readers of an educational institution to which it is concerned. The library is a mirror that reflects the culture and activity of the educational institution and it measures up the standards of the institution. Therefore, the library is said to be the heart of the educational institution.


    The following persons will be eligible to be members of the Library.

    • Students who have admitted in the college.

    • The College Teaching and non-teaching Staff.

    • Members of the College & Management authorities and bodies while they are members of respective authorities and bodies.

    • Contributory, adjunct and visiting teachers of the College.

    • Any other Rayat Sevak intending to use the library facilities with recommendations of and on guaranty of the head of concern college/school of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha.

    • Other persons admitted with special permission of the principal under the Category of “general members or “visitors”.

    General Rules:

    1. A person entering the Library shall record his/her name, membership number & address in the register maintained for the purpose at the entrance counter.

    2. While entering the library , all personal belongings such as umbrellas, sticks, books, parcels, hat, handbags, purses, briefcases, flat and file covers, etc strictly not allowed inside the Library.

    3. The staff member of the library at the entrance is authorized to examine everything that passes into or out of the library.

    4. Talking, chewing pan, spitting, eating food, sleeping, smoking or any behavior which would disturb other readers or the discipline of the library is strictly prohibited.

    5. Dogs and other pets shall not be taken in by members or visitors, vehicles should be kept at the vehicles stand only.

    6. The librarian shall have the power to suspend the use of the ticket and card of any member or to refuse admission to any one, infringing any rules of the library and/or to suspend or cancel the use of the Borrowing facility of books and Reading Room card of any member.



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    Sr.No Service
    1 Book Barrowing Facilities.
    2 Reference Service
    3 Referral Service
    4 Reading Room
    5 Periodical/ Journals
    6 Back Volume of Periodicals/ News Paper Book Bank facility
    7 Current Awareness Service (CAS)
    8 Network Resource Center (NRC)
    9 CD’s/DVD’s
    10 Question Papers
    11 Syllabus
    12 Feedback / Suggestion Box
    13 Book Suggestions
    14 Book Exhibitions
    15 Minor Research Projects
    16 M.Phil, Ph,D Thesis
    17 New Arrival Display
    18 Web OPAC



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